Monday, 6 May 2013


Smores on PhotoPeach


  1. hi room15

    how do you make smores?

    from kieran.

  2. To room15
    I like your smores they look yum. I wish I could make them maybe one day you could teach me.

    From Matthew

  3. Hi, its pretty cool having smores in school,Ii wish we could have smores and I'd like to try banana smores. Would you tell me the recipe? From Pippa and Macaulay Class.

  4. wow I wish if parkvale school could do that yum!!!

  5. Amazing Room 15!
    Those smores look amazing, I wanted to gobble them all up!
    Why did you use bananas ?
    Yours sincerely, Kharn Andersen.

  6. Awesome room 15
    Your Smores look great and i hoped you liked them.

  7. Very cool room 15.
    You make me feel hungry I wish I can make some. Was that a treat for the class?

  8. Wow guys you must have fun lots of fun with making yum smores with banana's and marsh mellows.
    Here is the link to my blog.

  9. Cool room 15 I love smores. You are very lucky that you got the opportunity
    to make them in school I wish that I could visit it would be awesome
    to try one of those smores sometimes when I am
    tired I call them snores.
    I am Heith from Parkvale school. Here is a link to my blog.

  10. Wow room 15. I like the way you made different smores and used banana's. I wish we could make smores in my class. I would of loved to try each and every one of those smores.

    From Ethin, Parkvale School Here is the link to my blog:

  11. YUUUM you guys are lucky those look yum from crystal room 17 Parkvale school



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